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Day You Met a DISCORD Mod</h1>
rate me. Why are so unhappy , your uncle walked into the room with BBC? 5/10 5/10? you should be kidding, a minimum of he's 7 How tall are you? Are you European? 9 you seem like that one boy I used to bully in high school, well instances. Do you've red nipples? What is your diet? submit feet or btfo. discontinue taking estrogen and grow a beard. Do you have a girlfriend? How ancient are you? might be you all do not understand the purpose of this publish. He asked you to rate him so in preference to writing some nonsense perhaps you ought to just write more than a few. As a woman, I would cost you 9 or perhaps 10. As a woman, you prefer. a good number of hostility in the chat, so that it will chat generally or play video games, then become a member of my Discord server.

sometime after becoming a member of the discord server two of them on the returned, lookout. two, . I'm making a choice on you up. Wait now not yet, there should be the 1 man okay, prefer me up. Later that night. I don't know. She did not write me returned. That sucks guy. She practically understands all my friends, and now everyone hates me. You know to be able to consult with someone IRL, we can meet. discord nsfw bot commands don't know In 2 months i'll the cosplay event with my pals and we need a further individual. What event? That cosplay one. Which one? Do you must move or not? I have no funds. We've already paid for every thing How so? My buddy have prosperous mom and dad and that they paid for a lodge and stuff.

I will think about it. okay, but before you can pass you must send me your pic. For what? We gown up as a collection and we must have somebody with a slender determine. The rest of my buddies pay a lot of focus to what we can look like collectively as a team. I rather to not. I don't force you to do anything yet I have to be sure if you're terrifi. If you do not do that, i'll need to uncover some other person. I really want to exit with you, you're a cool dood. Our crew isn't total if you aren't there. And what ought to I do? Take an image with out a blouse in front of the mirror. I will do it in a Tshirt.
I need to know if you're too fat. No, i'm not. I should be certain. something like that? OH certain. Slowly from an ordinary picture tosometime later I can't try this anymore. Take this picture. please no Are you sure? You greater take that picture. please depart me by myself i've thousands of your pictures. it will likely be bad if somebody posts them on the internet. alright Can you smile at me at the camera? good boy, I educated you good. Are we having a good time? Who are you? How did you get here? add bot to discord server ratted you out, bro. Get out of my room. No. I'm able to ruin you want a twig. you can, yet will you smash him? what is going on here? Elo, elo, 5, 2, 0.

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