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Discord Bots 1: introduction

hi there ok i have to admit whatever to. you this. is a alternative train whistle but this. is not a replacement. coding train video i'm so enthusiastic about. what i'm embarking on in these days. a new educational sequence approximately a way to. make your personal discord bot. i hope that by way of the tip of a majority of these. movies however many i come to be making. you can have your possess bot up. and going for walks in your individual discord server. or. a server which you participate in now if. you've not. already joined the coding teach discord. oh expensive i am so sorry if shall we get the. sound effect of the. exact teach whistle please come and. join i will put an invite to the coding. train discord. server within the video's description if you. haven't got a discord account you're. going to. want to sign up for one yet you bet. what you will need one to make your personal. discord bot.
Um please how to add music bot to discord should do. is visit readme in which there is a code of. behavior and a set of rules and. expectancies for the server and iin order. to get entry. to um all of the channels you'll need to. react with an emoji to acknowledge that. you have read this message and conform to. follow. the code of behavior so um there's plenty. extra to assert concerning the coding. train community at the discord server. itself it's aa great place if you need. assist along with your code if you simply want to. hang around and proportion pictures of your pets. there's a lot of channels for many. different things. and so please come and say hiya one. of my favorite things to do. is to examine the introductions channel. because i am getting to grasp the neighborhood of. those who are watching these video clips and. where they arrive from and what they. care about and and what they are excited.
to try um. and and make themselves with code okay. sufficient enough. in this primary video what i desire to do is. cover. all the technical pieces like what do. you would like you wish a textual content editor. you would like a console you wish node.js what. are every thing you ought to run your. discord bot and. in case you haven't heard of one among. those portions where can you discover the. resources to get these. up and strolling in your computer besides. as the way to create. a discord application throughout the. developer docs or the developer. website the discord developer website. and get your mystery token key. thingies that you will need so that it will. run your discord bot ok. so we will do that each one that during. this first video after which i am going to begin. following up with. the basics of writing the code and. displaying you ways to run the bot and all. that different stuff good stuff too.
alright what are the pieces of the. puzzle here. finally wherein i desire to get to first. is that. on my own laptop i will be. typing code. right into a textual content editor the text editor i take advantage of. is vs code visual studio code but you. would surely use. any i desire to run this code maybe this. is going to be a file. referred to as index.js and i want to run this. code. using node.js so i'll say. whatever like. node index. dot js and after I run this. the bot itself is walking on. my machine my pc. but how is it going to communicate with. discord well weirdly enough. discord is likewise going for walks on my computer. so do they communicate to one another immediately. like that like am i walking a bot on my. machine that's chatting with discord. going for walks my desktop. no so discord is a provide

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