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We made a BANGER album on discord response</h1>
all right what is up guys so gentle willie. this so it really is the video to just like. press it no due to the fact i'm like i made certain. i'm like nope don't click on that yet. because you hovering over the wrong. button alright i just like the video ok. so yet anyway gentle willy he has uploaded. the video that's showing how they put. collectively uh um the donna album and yeah. i bro i am telling you right this moment. come subsequent 12 months if um i like you so ain't. like on that like spotify rap element i. did not hearken to song correct like no. i'm announcing 2022 i didn't listen to. track the correct way so. in any case yeah let's move ahead check out. this video let's see how the whole album. came collectively because i'm i am announcing. like it's insane like how they you recognize. how they do it and stuff i mean like you. you pay attention like where a few artist is it'll. take them like a while to put together a.
discord bot commands 'm saying if they. did this all inside like an evening or for. however you recognize like i'm it is like. due to the fact what the the last album become completed. within the night and so i'm like yeah. they did this all inside it is like bro. it's gonna be insane so yet anyways. let's cross ahead and check out this video. ensure you move join softwoolly. ensure you show love to everybody. that become a part of this video uh. yeah um o.k. so please aid sure. so assist isaac y yummy larry young. cage evie guy dreb zanekin skywalk uh. zatori zoom saffron one and in simple terms uh. shady moon lex payne lee leon d leonie i. imagine and void and then the amv uh. editors adele. dell dot nss playboy texas rippin. rippin godly xdd1 both l or i. uh niku. underscore v. uh video outcomes um yeah so after which uh. bonnie s uh zomber and yubby yubby i.
Don't know but anyhow let's pass forward. and take a look at this video we made yet another. album discord this time with more. artists and extra time that means more. songs one more thing i intend to make. clear is that aa lot of stuff occurred. when making this video between teams. falling apart being gambled not. responsive teammates a lot has happened. and it surely made this complete video. take a month to make relish oh wow i. really do prefer you guys it took some time. okay i want to know your ideas on who. you suspect won all of the songs are going to. be on an aspect channel besides so ensure. to go check that out thank you guys yo. discontinue willy am i able to scream i like pokemane. at present. you are gonna be split up into two groups. there's gonna be six persons in keeping with crew i. don't in my opinion give a ok i am on. day. dang brett the end of the week we are.
Gonna come back we are gonna listen to. each of the songs with the amvs this time. o.k. everyone pay attention hear listen. yes we know who is gonna win this one. who's gonna win um with me. oh this man thinks he's going to win in. boston you rap approximately women. what is he going to rap about isaac guys. what the . is pal guy. the teams are one and purely satori larry. void tanner and shady. the moon group is cage zan yummy unhappy . pal isaac and leon. i wanted to. maintain together. for example. that's balanced or tremendously unfair. this is definitely balanced these groups. are balanced there are 3 different types. every team has to make you know one in keeping with. class so three in complete rap plenty of. rap after which. so wait i'm harassed. you said there is two groups what number. songs are we making he just said that. oh i'm sorry i was looking i used to be.
Looking a few uh a few minecraft gameplay. at my home there is completely no. reuusing of a beat if one team takes it. it is long past i believe like we're gonna do it. you know the way like kickball works you. be aware of yeah team captains you recognize all. correct both

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