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( bot that deletes messages discord ) a way to Code your individual Discord Bot in Python #3 - ship Embed Messages!
wowhead discord bot is aj and welcome. lower back to the muni sequence and where i. train you ways to code your very own. discord bot in python in this video i am. going to be teaching you how to ship an. embed to a channel inside of your. discord server. and right this moment at the screen i'll. display style of what an in an. embed looks like an embed usually has a. identify. it may also have aa description have some . fields and it truly just aallows you. to send a more personalized message. and this is sort of reserved for bots as. well as web hooks. most users cannot actually ship one. themselves so this is kind of something. really good to be aware bots and which i'm. going to expose you during this video. so with out further ado let's start. o.k. so i am in an identical page that i. changed into in the last video when it comes to my. code.

And over here guilded bot discord sent anytime. someone despatched a message that turned into. or that turned into what is the version. correct over here we sent these this. message. to the overall channel we sent the. edition is. 1.0 in response today what we are going. to do is we're going to test. and make this a bit of extra um we're. going to. virtually do an in bed as opposed to. sending just aa simple message the. version of 1.0. we'll be doing a personalized. embed so the very first thing that we are. actually going to do is we will. type of upload a few spaces below. where i created my popular channel. variable wherein i saved my variable. and the very first thing that i have to do is. i really want to create a variable to. signify. the embed that i desire to send then what. we are able to do is when we create that. specific. embed variable we will then edit it.
a bit for instance add some fields to. it. after which be capable of send it off so what. i will do. is i'm going to type in embed as the. name of my variable. or i will simply say my embed correct over. here and ii'm going to set thiis equal to. discord dot m mattress correct over right here and. you will discover. that there is an auto complete operate. or an auto complete. um for a particular embed item so i'm. going to click on this over here. and now there is a constructor so i'm. going to do open parentheses. and the first one that i'm going to. specify is going to be. name very well all people sorry my digital camera. simply died so. i had to cost it and now i am again all. right so the most issue that i desired to. that i was speaking approximately became adding. the title now to my embed and the identify. goes to be the most part which fits. on the end. of the embed that we send over to the.

Discord channel. so what i'm going to do is i'm going to. variety in title. equals after which here's wherein we're. in fact going to install our title. for the embed so i'll say right here. present version i will permit that be. my name. and now another thing that i'm able to do is i. can upload an outline. correct over here and that's going to be. de-s-c. and then in fact it is completely. spelled out description correct over right here. and now what i desire to do is i am going. to claim equals again after which i'm additionally . going to place a string over here. and the string that i'm going to use i'm. just

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